To have smooth and shiny hair , Hannalee Professional offers hair products professionals on our online sales platformBraziliansmoothing.

Thanks to the dedication of its teams and high technology, the Ultimate Liss range guarantees the quality and excellence of the hair care offered. Indeed, the active ingredients of the Brazilian flora are the basis of the products of this hair straightening brand.

By the way, all products are totally organic, to guarantee the good health of your hair. In addition, the range includes:

Ultimate Liss: the Brazilian protein for hair straightening

Designed and designed with powerful natural active ingredients , the Ultimate Liss range allows to stiffen , restore, nourish and moisturize strands , realigning hair fibers .

Ultimate Liss hair care is also enriched with essential oils of Argan and Ojon. Thus, the desired result is to prevent the aging of hair fibers and give a better resistance to the hair. Especially designed for thick, rebellious, afros and curlyhair, Ultimate Liss technology tames the hair and gives it a natural effect.

Indeed, these hair treatments help to facilitate water repositioning, eliminating porosity and dryness. Free of formalin and other preservatives, the application of Ultimate Liss makes hair smooth and silky longer.

Brazilian straightening kit: an organic blend of hair straightening

A priori, the Brazilian hair straightening kit consists of a mixture treating lactobionic and lactic acids as well as a restorative organic care .

Lactobionic and lactic acids are derivatives of lactose. By the way, they can retain water in the strands of hair, to keep them hydrated. Also, this mixture allows an antioxidant, restorativeand pH regulatingaction. Moreover, their bacteriostatic agents prevent the growth of bacteria to improve the health of the hair. Also, the low pH allows the cuticles to be opened smoothly. Thus, deep smoothing becomes easy.

On the

other hand, the organic restorative care consists of cysteine, wheat derivatives and silicone. Indeed, it has a strong conditioning and moisturizing power. Thus, this treatment promotes shine and suppleness of the hair. Also, it helps in the replenishment of proteins.

The benefits of using Ultimate Liss: seamless smoothing

  • One step for smooth hair, nopre-softening
  • No washing with a clarifying shampoo
  • Compatible with all chemicals, such as ammonia, guanidine, sodium, dyes andcolouring
  • Perfect smoothing without risk of hair breakage
  • Average service life of 3 months, and can become permanent after third application
  • Formald-free, odourless,fumesand painless

How to use Ultimate Liss treatment

  • Separate your hair into 4 equivalent parts
  • Apply Ultimate Liss to the 4 large strands of hair
  • Wait for 60 minutes
  • Dry your hair
  • Smooth your hair with the straightener by applying it 12 to 15 times

Ultimate Liss by HannaLee: 100% smooth hair from the first application!

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