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This smoothing treatment treatment Supraliss from Cadiveu in 200 ml format is ideal for natural, normal hair.
Perfect for rebellious, frizzy, curly hair.

It is used with stabilizing emulsion and Acai oil.
Result: the hair is smooth, silky and shiny.

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Application Protocol:

1) Wick test: Separate a wick located in the center of the head and isolate it with paper. Apply Supraliss Texturizador de Fios to the entire length of the strand starting at the root and avoiding the scalp. Initiate application time counting. Observe the reaction of the hair fiber by checking its tensile strength by its root (node test), length and spikes every 5 minutes. As soon as you find that the hair fiber has reached the degree of elasticity, stop counting the time of action. Rinse then dry the wick and after neutralize it with Supraliss Emulsao “estabilizadora”.

2nd) Application do Supraliss Texturizador de Fios: This action should be carried out on clean and dry hair. Share the hair in four. Put on protective gloves. Reverse the Supraliss Texturizador de Fios into a non-metallic container and start counting the action time. With a brush, start application from the neck in thin strands and avoid touching the scalp. Apply over the entire length of the wick in sufficient quantity to moisten it, starting with the root and avoiding caking the tips with the product. Repeat the procedure on all hair and finalize it on the front part. Rinse thoroughly and apply the Açaí Oil along the entire length. Pass the plates several times over thin strands. Rinse and apply the Emulsão estabilizadora along the entire length, leave on 15 minutes rinse and style as desired.


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