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Tannin: origin and extraction


hydrolyzable polyphenol of plant origin, tannin is odorless that can tanning the skin. Found in the skin of grapes, oaks and chestnut trees, the latter attaches to proteins. Indeed, it is obtained by maceration of the skin of reason, combined with extracts of chestnut and oak.

Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects, tannin is ideal for fighting hair fiber wear.

Indeed, this treatment smoothes and moisturizes your hair. Thus, you will find soft and shiny hair.

Salvatore tanino therapy for smooth and healthy hair!

Taninoplasty Salvatore: a complete range of hair care!

To meet everyone's demands, the Salvatore brand presents more than 20 hair care products.

Indeed, each treatment is designed to meet a specific need. For example, we can cite “Stop Breaking” as a solution for hair damaged after chemical processes. It aims to strengthen worn and brittle hair. Also, it helps to repair and moisturize dry hair, and restructure the hair fiber for a fortified hair.

For a strong and healthy hair fiber!

By the way, Tanino therapy Salvatore is a natural treatment suitable for every type of hair. Finally, thanks to this treatment, your hair retains its volume, gains flexibility and benefits from many other benefits.

In addition to its revitalizing, moisturizing and multirepairing effect, the Tanino therapy Salvatore allows a natural smoothing of your hair while preserving it.

Providing satisfactory results according to the type of your hair, the Tanino Salvator range allows you to:

  • Restructuring and straightening hair without frizzy effect

  • Bomb curly hair and redefine it while bringing body to curl

  • Detoxify, moisturize and bring shine to the hair

  • Replenish and regenerate hair fiber

  • Remove split ends and damaged ends

  • Bring keratin and amino acids to hair with frizz

Application and maintenance of the tanino therapy Salvatore!

The application of the Salvatore tanino treatment is easy to carry out.

Care begins with a suitable shampoo. The latter aims to neutralize all the care residues and open the scales of the hair. Then the Salvatore product is applied strand by strand. After 45 minutes of laying, the hair should be washed, dried and smoothed, strand by strand.

After application of Salvatore tanino therapy, no specific maintenance is required. However, it is recommended to wash your hair every 2-3 days with your favorite shampoo.

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