Brazilian brand honoring nature, SORALI COSMETIC offers Brazilian smoothing as well as hair care to maintain and bring shine to the hair.

Sorali Cosmetic: Brazilian Smoothing and Hair Care

Beauty is the fuel of self-esteem. Indeed, it is also the essence of the expression of what is beautiful and take pleasure in taking care of oneself.

Also, it is the brand's interest in well-being, protection, love and respect for what has value. Thus, harmony is what the sign honors.

Sorali Cosmetic believes in the balance between beauty and what is healthy. Moreover, the brand knows that there must be synergy between the two things. And this is why the Brazilian brand always seeks to develop the best formula possible in terms of hair beauty.

Sorali Cosmetic uses only the best natural ingredients of Brazilian flora and advanced technologies, closely following every progress with dedication, and always ensuring your well-being .

Sorali Cosmetic: for the well-being of your hair!

Sorali Cosmetic: different lines to care for your hair!

The Brazilian brand Sorali Cosmetic has developed several product lines to meet different needs.

Smooth hair that breathes health thanks to Sorali Cosmetic products!

Paris Lisse: straightening, hydration and toning of the hair

The Paris Lisseline consists of smoothing treatments specially designed for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Compatible with various hair treatments, these products do not contain formaldehyde. Indeed, they are suitable for straightening all hair types.

Therapy Liss: straighten, moisturize, nourish and rebuild your hair

Therapy Lissproducts are developed from powerful active components. This treatment smoothes, restores, nourishes and moisturizes the hair. It is enriched with macadamia and D-Phanthenol. These 2 active ingredients prevent hair aging. Also, they allow to bring your hair a high softness and seal the strands.

By the way, this treatment is ideal for rebellious hair and afros as well as thick and curly hair. Indeed, Therapy Liss technology allows to restore the strands by producing a natural effect.

Amino Plex: hair restoration treatment at home

The Amino Plexproduct line is perfect for damaged hair. Indeed, it makes it possible to carry out coloring, discoloration and straightening of the hair safely. Moreover, this unique technology prevents breakage and preserves the integral structure of the hair.

Argilo Detox: hydration, restoration and detox of hair

The Argilo Detoxtreatment helps to accelerate hair growth. Also, these products ensure the regeneration of the hair fiber. Thus, this cure reduces the fall and cleans the hair. Likewise, this line of hair care moisturizes and restores your scalp.

Just Sofistic: maintenance line

The Just Sofisticproduct line is developed from bamboo shoots and wheat germ. These are active ingredients that promote complete cleansing of the scalp. This formula helps control oil, caused by chemicals or natural agents, without drying hair fibers.

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