A young Brazilian brand, OMNIÁ Professionalis specialized inBrazilian hair straightening. Certified by Anvisa (National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance in Brazil), the brand offers products of very good quality and formulas of exclusive technology. Indeed, the flagship product of the brand is OMNIÁ SILVER. Indeed, this product aims to smooth the hair by treating the structure of the hair fiber .

Besides, our online sales platform BrazilianSmoothing Shopoffers you theBrazilian smoothing kit Silver 2 X 1000 ML.

The form contains: protein/keratin (main amino acid of cysteine), with a mixture of amino acids, glyoxylic acid (activated term, enhancement of potential activity) verifying an exclusive formula.

Formol free volume reducing shampoo suitable for any hair type

Indeed, the OMNI ASilver product brings a considerable reduction in the volume of the hair thanks to an application without the risk of yellowing on blond hair.

Moreover, OMNI A Silverhair treatmentis a powerful volume reducersuitable for any type of hair. Indeed, it guarantees a professional high performance result.

Its formal-free formula allows you to revive colored or highlighted hair , and bring an extreme shine and smoothing for a duration of 3 to 5 months .

Instructions for use and use of OMNIÁ Silver

The application of OMNI A Silverproduct requires 20 to 30 minutes on blond, colored or bleached hair.

Cleaning and application of hair treatment

First, start by applying 1 or 2 clarifying shampoosdepending on the nature and condition of your hair. Then dry them leaving them wet at about 20%.

Then apply the OMNI A Silvertreatment over the entire length evenly. To have a satisfactory result, let act according to the condition of the hair:

  • Between 20 and 30 minutes for a colourful blond hair
  • Between 45 and 60 minutes for natural or dark hair

At the end of the application period, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with a spray, removing any excess of the unabsorbed care with a comb.

Then you need to dry your hair by disciplining them and performing a slight blow-drying.

Application and instructions for straightening iron straightening

After this step, you need to proceed with straightening iron smoothing.

  • For blond hair, pass the plates at a temperature of 190°
  • For natural or dark hair, select a temperature of 220 or 230°
  • Never exceed a temperature of 190° for blond colored hair

For a long-lasting effect, smooth small strands by making quick passages with the straightener. Likewise, be sure to perform the same number of passages and application for each wick.

  • Perform between 6 and 9 passages on blond hair
  • Perform between 12 and 16 passages on natural or dark colored hair

Finally, wait 15 minutes for your hair to cool down. Finally, rinse them with a shampoo or treatment without Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

For a perfect result, it is essential to dry your hair at very high temperature.

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