PLASTICA DOS FIOS is a Brazilian straightening product intended for all hair types. Known for moisturizing and eliminating frizz, it enhances the natural smooth effect for up to 3 to 4 months. Providing extreme shine to the hair, it is compatible with all methods. It is a formula enriched with active ingredients, including keratin. This is what makes it a Brazilian keratin smoothing. Since this substance is nourishing and moisturizing for the hair, you can use the formula to smooth your hair.

PLASTICA DOS FIOS, the best keratin treatment This formula of the Brazilian smoothing product does not contain any chemical. This is what makes it suitable for any type of hair. It makes the hair soft and smooth while providing a naturally luminous and malleable effect. It strengthens the thread while restoring it. Known for eliminating pockets of hair and curls, it makes hair straight. It is composed of keratin, panthenol and cocoa. Nevertheless, the kit consists of a clarifying shampoo, a keratin treatment for hair and a revitalizing hair mask. Can last for about 3 months, this Brazilian keratin smoothing can be used by everyone, without fear. Like, it has already been said, it does not have chemicals. How to use keratin smoothing? When you have a Brazilian smoothing product, be aware that it is rich in amino acids. Thus, it is necessary to clean your hair with the clarifying shampoo and let it dry slightly with a towel. You need to keep a little moisture. Then take the keratin smoothing that you will apply strand by strand to the hair. Dry your hair immediately after applying the product and then put it several times with the straightening iron at a temperature of 230 °C. Then rinse and apply a fixing mask. Finally, rinse your hair and dry it one last time with a hair dryer to achieve a final result. You can apply your next shampoo within 24 hours. If you do so, you will have the expected results and you will be able to style yourself very easily. Why opt for Brazilian smoothing? First of all because it is less restrictive. Also, it should be known that this smoothing is intended for people wishing to keep the volume and movement of their hair while eliminating frizz. In addition, if you want to prevent frizz or have a hair in transition when you have decided to stop straightening or other types of long-lasting smoothing. It usually does not have harmful products. However, there are smoothing products on the market that do not comply with the rules regarding the rate of these products. In addition, using this product, you can adjust its quantity to customize the result obtained. The list of reasons for using this type of smoothing is not exhaustive, but it should be known that it has drawbacks.

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