PEROLA - ETERNITY LISS - Brazilian Blowout

Pérola Eternity Liss: straightening care for all hair types

First of all, the product straightener Pérola Stylshine consists of cysteine and proteins . In addition, this smoothing treatment incorporates thermo base cysteine and pearl powder combined with vitamins . By the way, these different elements infiltrate the scalp by opening the cuticles . Thus, the hair fiber benefits from protection against enzymes and abuse .

Compatible with all hair types and chemicals, Perola Eternity Liss straightening does not require a blow-dry after application. By the way, its easy use allows you tohave smooth hair for a long time.

On the

other hand, the smooth and silky effect lasts only 3 months at most. Also, the smoothing product is characterized by a strong unpleasant odor. Thus, it is recommended to do the application of smoothing in a ventilated room.

Eventually, accidental contact with the eyes can cause a strong burning sensation. Thus, it is necessary to handle the product with great care, wearing gloves especially by fragile people.

Instructions for using Brazilian straightening Pérola

Generally, the application of Eternity Liss Brazilian straightening takes from 1:30 to 2:30 hours, depending on the length of the hair and the type of hair .

By the way, it is advisable to get help from another person to treat all the strands correctly, especially on the back of the head. For a proper application of your hair care, you will need a certain material.

  • A bowl
  • A brush
  • A comb
  • A brush
  • A hair dryer
  • A straightening iron
  • Gloves and Mask

Preparation of the application of Brazilian straightening products Pérola Eternity Liss

First, you need to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo . By the way, you can perform this operation 1 to 2 times. Then you need to leave a rest time of 3 minutes to be able to rinse thoroughly.

Then you need to wring out the hair with a terry towel and dry it with the help of a hair dryer , without brushing or detangling .

Finally, you need to divide your hair into 4 parts to be able to receive the hair care.

Application of the Brazilian straightener Pérola Eternity Liss

To make a Brazilian smoothing, you will need to wear protective gloves and a mask if necessary.

First of all, you need to shake the vial of the treatment before pouring it into the bowl. Then you can apply it to strands 3 cm wide and 2 cm thick, always starting with the nape.

Also, it is important to apply the product of the smoothing to 1 cm from the scalp descending to the tip . Then you need to rub each strand to make the product penetrate well.

At this point, you need to pass a comb to properly distribute the care and remove the surplus. Finally, you need to leave the product a rest time between 15 minutes and half an hour depending on the degree of curling of the hair.

The straightening of natural hair

After applying the smoothing treatment, it is important to dry your hair well, disciplining them with a brush, without giving them a shape.

Then you need to divide your hair into 4 parts and smooth each strand, 0.5 cm thick, to the straightener . Thus, you can enclose the smoothing product in the scales of the hair.

Always starting with the neck, you need to make 10 to 15 passages of the straightener with a temperature of 220 °C, from the root to the tip.

Finally, you do not have to rinse the product for at least 48 hours, while ironing the straightener every day for optimal results.

For a lasting Brazilian smoothing, it is recommended to use shampoos without Sodium laureth sulfate.

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