ORGHANLUX - Brazilian smoothing

An international brand, you will find Orghanlux the Vogue Cosmetics brand on our sales platform in Braziliansmoothingline.

Indeed, the Bio Organic SmoothingKit consists of:

  • Vogue Orghan Lux Clarifying Shampoo 1000 ml
  • Organic Hair Treatment Orghan Lux by Vogue

Innovativehair care , Vogue Orghanlux Bio Organic is a hair straightening designed withbiological active ingredients . Indeed, these smoothing products make it possible to repair , revitalize and restructure the hair fiber .

By the way, this Brazilian straightening kit is formal-free that is suitable for all hair types , as well as pregnant women and children. Indeed, it does not cause any irritation or yellowing of the hair. Thus, you are guaranteed to have beautiful smooth, shiny and silky hair .

Professional Brazilian straightening based on natural care

For beautiful hair, Orghan Lux Keratin Hair Straighteningcontains neither formaldehyde, nor glutaroldehydenor chemical reagents. However, it consists of active ingredients, such as:

  • Organic acids
  • A mixture of oils
  • Amino acids

Thus, this keratin treatment is suitable for both thick and thin hair . Also, it is suitable for damaged hair as well as colored hair .

Benefits of Orghanlux Organic Smoothing Kit

Composed of natural active ingredients, Orghanlux organic smoothing does not cause any inconvenience. By the way, it does not alter the coloring of the hair.

In addition, its simple and effective application is compatible with all pre-performed chemical treatments. Thus, it has no contraindications, especially for pregnant women and children.

Consisting of a blend of a botox care and a Brazilian smoothing, Orghanlux organic smoothing is suitable for straight , curly, frizzy and curly hair .

Finally, this permanent smoothing lasts up to 3 to 4 months, with at least 80% hair fiber smoothing.

Instructions for use for straightening hair

Although Orghanlux organic straightening is a straightening for hair, it is applied in different ways depending on your hair is natural or colored.

Instructions for use of Orghanlux organic straightening on all natural hair types

First of all, it is necessary to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo twice. Then, the 3rd time you wash your hair, you need to leave for 10 minutes. During this step, avoid brushing your hair to avoid closing the cuticles. Then you just have to dry your hair completely.

Secondly, you need to divide your hair into 4 parts to apply the smoothing product to half a centimeter from the root . Always start from the neck to the tip starting, with a 60-minute break .

Then you need to rinse your hair leaving them damp . Then you can perform blow-drying.

Finally, you need to once again divide your hair into 4, to pass the straightening iron starting from the nape. Moreover, the passage of the plates is carried out wick by wick, at 230 degrees of 10 to 15 times.

Instructions for use on bleached hair and blonde hair

Just as applying to natural hair, you need to apply clarifying shampoo and smoothing treatment. However, you need to leave for 45 minutes and an hour for Afro s or frizzyhair.

Finally, you need to straighten your hair, thin strand by strand, at a maximum temperature of 180/190 degrees. You need to perform this operation 10 times until the hair becomes silky.

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