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Often, when coping with the choices of hair products, you want in most cases products that do not have any harmful consequences for long-termuse. In fact, each hair product aims to provide the necessary care to the hair so that it reveals a very well-groomed, shiny and silky asset. With this in mind, Omnia products are among the ranges of hair products you can choose to test and use. Thanks to these different products of very high quality and extremely rare formulas, Omnia Professional is a better choice for special or professional use.

Rare product without formalin

In order to preserve human tissues, the use of formalin is highly sought after since it is the preservative that ensures proper hold. Indeed, this product exists in everyday products such as shampoos, Brazilian smoothing and other products for daily use. It is therefore found under the names of formic aldehyde, methanal, formaldehyde,... This substance contained in the Brazilian straightening allows the hair to be held.

Adequate to offer the best care for all, the brand always tries to achieve the most assured products for all hair types. The various Omnia hair treatments , such as Omnia Silver or Classic, offer a high performance professional result , suitable for any hair type. They react effectively on the hair, giving it an extreme shine and straightening for a period of 3 to 5 months. All these results are thus obtained without formalin entering the composition of the various products.

Easy to use

When it comes to Brazilian smoothing, it is important to know how to do it. This knowledge makes it possible to make good use of the product, but also to achieve the desired result without any bad consequences. Thus, Omnia Professional is the Brazilian smoothing brand that does not stop making products that are easy to use, but also practical. It is with the aim of offering the best ally for any perfect straightening that the brand has various products for all hair types. For this, regardless of the type of hair to work and the type of straightening expected, Omnia has the right care and treatment.

Knowing that a good smoothing is based on a good choice of product and well-established techniques, professional or particular need to know the extreme basis: best choice of products, work on clean hair, the necessary break time, wash and wash again.

Brazilian smoothing care and treatments as needed

For special or professional use, Omnia Professionnel offers the best quality Brazilian care and smoothing products. As a result, offering yourself a good product allows you to have the desired results and genuinely according to the type of hair. Whatever the Brazilian smoothing you need, smooth without stiffening, smooth without reducing the effect of curls, there is the Omnia product that will be tailored to your need.

With these different types of products insured from first use, you can find the professional straightening care you need to treat and care for your hair. The thick texture of these different products makes it possible to achieve more application on the hair. It provides intense shine, repairs the entire hair fiber, repairs the elasticity of the fiber and provides a smooth effect for 5 to 6 months. For this, these products adapt to any type of hair for a truly optimal result.

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