The brand Hanna Lee Professional has been introduced to the Brazilian market with a very important differential advantage. Indeed, this range is manufactured by including state-of-the-art technology combined with advanced research throughout the manufacturing process.

In fact, Hanna Lee Professional enables hairdressing professionals to guarantee satisfactory results and value the health and safety of the hair fiber .

All products in the Hanna Lee Professional range are based on natural products and non-harmful hair treatments . Moreover, the success of the range opened the doors to the introduction of products targeting men in 2017. Indeed, the newborn JHonnyLee brought the men's hair care line as well as beard care .

The Hanna Lee Professional range for Brazilian smoothing

On our BrazilianSmoothing Shopplatform, the HannaLee Professional range offers the Hanna Lee 1 litre and the 150 ml product.

Indeed, this hair care comes in 2 volumes. These allow a choice for individuals or professionals with a hairdresser.

Moreover, the keratin and formal-free formula of this product range allows effective Brazilian smoothing and sustainable. Thus, naturally wavy hair is quickly and effectively disciplined and becomes more flexible.

Smoother, disciplined and supple hair!

Hanna Lee Professional Ultimate Liss Treatment

The HannaLee Professional range is suitable for rebellious and thick hair as well as afros and frizzy hair. Indeed, these hair treatments are concentrated in moisturizing, smoothing and repairing active ingredients.

Ultimate Lissproducts re-adjust and enhance hair by nourishing and sealing the cuticles of the hair fiber. Thus, the active substance of this treating care is based on organic acid and trace elements, which instantly act on the cuticle.

The Ultimate Liss treatment is used in one step that does not require washing with a clarifying shampoo . Compatible with all chemical treatments such as hair coloring and discoloration, this treatment is perfect for stiffening hair without breaking the fiber.

The Ultimate Liss treatment treatment treatment to stiffen the hair!

Ultimate treatment treatment is composed of a blend of hair straightening with lactobionic and lactic acids . Indeed, these lactose derivatives have the ability to retain water in the fibers to keep them hydrated.

Moreover, this hair care also has an antioxidant, restorative and pH regulating action . Similarly, their bacteriostatic agents prevent the growth of bacteria and keep hair healthy. Also, the Ultimate Liss treatment allows you to open the cuticles smoothly to facilitate deep smoothing.

The Ultimate treatment treatment alsocontains Bio-Restore components . Composed of cysteine, wheat derivatives and silicone, this treatment has a strong conditioning and moisturizingpower.

Ultimate Treating Care promotes shine, flexibility and helps to replenish hair fiber proteins.

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