Brazilian Thermal Brasil Cacau Smoothing Kit 3 x 60 ml


This Brazilian Brazilian Thermal straightening kit from Brasil Cacau is a powerful smoothing and a hair volume reducer suitable for all hair types

This mini kit contains Brazilian Thermal Anti-Residue Shampoo from Brazil Cacau Cleansing and Clarifying 60 ml + Brazilian Thermal Smoothing Treatment Treatment from Brazil Cacau of 60 ml + Brazilian Thermal Finishing Mask from Brazil Cacau of 60 ml.

The formula enriched with cocoa and keratin, repairs the hair and eliminates frizz while promoting a smooth natural effect lasting up to 3 to 4 months.

RESULT: The hair is hydrated, smooth and has an extreme shine

See the Brazilian Thermal Kit application tips from Brasil Cacau, below.

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  1. Clean the hair with STEP 1 Brazilian Thermal shampoo from Brasil Cacau.
    The purpose of cleaning is to open the cuticles of the hair fiber to the maximum, so that the smoothing product can impregnate.

    + If your hair is of good quality, it is necessary to provide 2-3 shampoos.

    + Leave on for 5-7 minutes

    + Dry the hair at 80%.

  2. Apply to 80% dry hair, Brazilian Thermal Smoothing product from Brasil Cacau to the entire hair starting at 1 cm fromthe roots (use a brush, it will be easier to spread strand by strand)
    + Leave to act for 25 to 45 min depending on the desired effect (more or less stiff) and the nature of your hair (more or less curly).
    + Wrap your hair in aluminum or celophane for better penetration.

  3. After the laying time, remove the excess smoothing product with a fine comb

    + Dry well with a 100% hair dryer, starting a light blow-drying to facilitate the passage of the heated ceramic plates

  4. Use fairly quickly, a ceramic straightener by passing 6 to 10 times on each strands thin enough depending on the nature of your hair (over or months curly). You will opt for a lower temperature at 190°C for colored, or very damaged hair.

    + Let the hair cool for 15 minutes

  5. The last step can be done 24 or 48 hours later and is to use the STEP 3, Brazilian Thermal by Brasil Cacau.

    + Apply to all hair and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Step 3 provides extreme hydration and shine.

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