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Color Shield Brasil Cacau Cadiveu. 2 in 1 colour smoothing and refreshing care. This very easy to apply treatment gives you a smoothing lasting about a month. The hair is smooth and shiny for your delight. Recommended between 2 smoothing or for ephemeral smoothing.

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Anti Residue Shampoo No. 1 Brasil Cacau Cadiveu:

  • Wash hair withAnti Residue Shampoo N° 1 2 times, massaging with fingertips, gently
  • Repeat if needed>
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Thoroughly dry hair with a towel.
  • >

Color Shield Smooth N° 2Brasil Cacau Cadiveu:

  • Divide the hair into 4 parts, for easier application
  • Apply Color Shield Smooth No. 2 over the entire length, avoiding the scalp, starting at the neck
  • Spread the fine comb to better spread the product
  • Leave on for 15 minutes
  • Make a blow-dry
  • Pass straightener quickly
  • If necessary apply Shine Serum Anti-Frizz Brasil Cacau.
  • >

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