Smoothing with tannin

Tannin smoothing is one of the techniques of keratin hair smoothing. By the way, you can choose a straightening kit to apply at home or go to the hairdresser .

So, what is this trend? And what do you need to know before you take the step?

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What is tannin smoothing and who is it for?

Tannin smoothing or “ Taninoplasty ” is an improved method of Brazilian smoothing . Moreover, its formula is based on the use of plant polyphenols called tannins . Thus, the latter act as a restorative care of the hair and on all lengths . Similarly, tannins allow to smooth the hair, making it more shiny and silky .

Finally, they give the hair fiber a natural effect for up to 6 months.

What is tannin?

First of all, tannin is recognized in the field of medicine for its multiple virtues. Besides, there is also a place in the field of hairdressing. In fact, it is an organic plant substance of the polyphenol family. Thus, it is found in plants, such as oak, chestnut, grape skins...

In short, tannin is obtained by maceration.

Tannin, for what kind of hair?

At first, this technique helps to smooth unruly, afro, dry and damagedhair. But, it has proven excellent natural results in hair products. Thus, hair straightening with tannin is suitable for all types. Because, it respects the nature of hair and the volume of the mane . Also, it allows the hair to be silky and moisturized .

Tannin smoothing vs other hair straightening techniques

In order to achieve a better result of tannin smoothing, it is preferable to opt for a Brazilian smoothing product without formalin.

First, the clarifying shampoo is applied to wash the hair, remove its impurities and prepare the hair fiber to receive the smoothing care .

Secondly, the straightening base is applied to the hair, strand by strand . Then it rinses after a time of laying .

Then it is necessary to straighten the hair using a straightening iron or a performing straightener . After, just apply the protective mask to bring more shine and softness to the hair.

And to finish, it is necessary to rinse thoroughly and then dry with a hair dryer . So you can proceed to shaping your hair or blow-drying.

The benefits of tannin smoothing

First of all, tannin straightening does notdamage the hair, such asKorean,Japanese straightening orstraightening . Indeed, hair straightening with tannin:

  • Applies to all hair types, as it does not contain chemical elements
  • Treats and repairs hair thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing formula without formaldehyde.
  • Brings more shine, flexibility and strength to the hair

Differences between straightening and tannin smoothing

Today, tannin smoothing puts an end to all the faults that straightening has left. Because, the latter refines and dries the hair in the long term.

In addition, Brazilian tannin smoothing products strengthen the hair structure from the inside. Thus, your hair regain its elasticity.

Unlike Japanese smoothing, tannin smoothing does not stiffen hair. However, it eliminates frizz.

How to care for hair straightened with tannin?

For a satisfactory result, it is necessary to adhere to a few rules to enjoy treatment longer:

  • Use a shampoo without sulfate laureth sodium or a washing treatment that respects the hair and scalp.
  • Application of care, hair masks and suitable serums.
  • As well as a hair routine depending on the type of hair
  • Hair coloring treated with tannin after a minimum of 15 days
  • Application of hair color before straightening with tannin 1 or 2 darker tones.
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