What is the difference between Brazilian and Japanese smoothing?

May 8, 2018

Want to have smooth hair? Want to repair and strengthen the quality of her hair? Why not turn to smoothing. It must be admitted that at present different types of care and straightening treatments can be found for curly, dry, damaged or bristled hair. To cure and repair damage caused by pollution or coloring treatments, nothing beats a smoothing care! But what to choose a Brazilian or Japanese smoothing? Be aware that both of these types of care are very popular at the moment. Both have the same principle of use, it is necessary to apply strand by strand the smoothing products. After applying the products, the result will be the same that is smooth, silky and shiny hair. But what really differentiates these two smoothing treatments? Focus.

What you need to know about Japanese smoothing

This is a type of straightening that is specially intended for women with curly or curly hair. Those who have a hair of a kinky nature wishing to have long, straight hair can turn to Japanese straightening for this type of result. The advantage of this hair treatment is the permanence of the final rendering. Japanese smoothing has a long hold compared to Brazilian smoothing or also called keratin smoothing. Japanese smoothing products are of high quality. They adhere to specific standards in order to operate effective and efficient actions to make hair supple and very smooth. Note that if you have colored hair in full, Japanese straightening can be done, however in case of mischievous staining, this type of treatment does not work properly.

Important points to know about Brazilian smoothing


main function of this hair care treatment is to relax and repair curls. Keratin smoothing products have nourishing properties and prevent vaporous effects. This is a really natural smoothing and has no risk on any hair. It is important to know that the formula that makes up keratin smoothing products metamorphoses the internal structure of her hair. The hair fibers are subsequently sheathed and reinforced. Compared to Japanese straightening, this type of straightening can be performed on hairy hair. The rendering is always very satisfying as for uncolored hair or completely colored hair.

Japanese or Brazilian smoothing, which one to choose?

It can be observed that these two types of hair straightening treatment are quite similar. Apart from the final rendering, Asian straightening offers the most stiff hair when it comes to keratin straightening, the hair is softer and shiny. The choice between these two smoothing is up to you. First you need to identify your needs in order to choose the right hair care. For really straight hair like chopsticks, it is advisable to opt for Japanese straightening. Only drawback, care products of this type of smoothing can be the most aggressive and even toxic. The choice of keratin straightening remains ideal for soft hair, deeply nourished and repaired to become smooth and shiny.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Japanese smoothing?
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