Rosehip oil: A benefit for your skin

May 22, 2020


known to many, rosehip oil is a wonder that comes from a small shrub native to Chile. This vegetable oil is said to have many benefits, especially for the skin, face, and even hair. What if it was the best ally to stay young and beautiful/beautiful?

What is rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil comes from the Muscat rose, a small shrub growing in South America and known as the fragrant rose hips. This small shrub produces fruits that look like small red balls. The latter contain seeds that make it possible to obtain the famous vegetable oil with multiple virtues. Having an orangeappearance, rosehip oilis composed of linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid. Apart from fatty acids, vegetable oil is rich in vitamins A and C. This composition provides rosehip oil with restorative and toning properties.

Properties of rosehip oil

Rose oil is attributed to the following properties:

Regenerating and firming

Thanks to its fatty acid composition, rosehip oil promotes and accelerates the regeneration of cell membranes, especially in case of burns. It also acts effectively against the appearance and prevention of wrinkles, age spots and premature aging. This vegetable oil restores the skin's elasticity. It is also used to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and bedsores. It is also recommended in the case of dehydrated or dried skin.

Healing Oil

Whether your scar is recent or not, vegetable oil can help you make it disappear. Indeed, it prevents dermis outgrowth by reducing the reliefs of the scars and by homogenizing their colour with that of the skin. In addition, through the phenomenon of microvascularization (increased blood flow), this oil has beneficial effects on scars. Similarly, if you have problems with acne, rosehip oil is the remedy you need.

Rosehip oil for your hair

Beyond revitalizing your skin and giving you a second youth, rosehip oil also has the ability to make your hairsoft and shiny. So it's a very interesting solution to be young from the head to the soles of the feet, regardless of your age. This anti-aging elixir is the ultimate ally for natural beauty.

Rosehip oil: use and choice

To use vegetable oil, you only have to apply it morning and evening on your skin with circular gestures until it penetrates your pores. It can also be used to make a homemade nourishing balm. For this you need shea butter, a few drops of essential oil and rosehip oil. All you have to do is mix it in a pot. Vegetable oil is also used in the manufacture of certain cosmetic products such as creams, masks, serums, etc. In addition, before purchasing your rosehip oil, the main rule is to make sure that your choice is for organic and virgin vegetable oil.

Rosehip oil: A benefit for your skin
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