Which Color to use after Brazilian smoothing?

Feb 14, 2020

What is Brazilian smoothing?

Brazilian keratin smoothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They are one of the safest hair straightening techniques. Keratin is a natural protein that is already found in our hair, but as the protein content decreases with age and poor diet, the same applies to keratin levels. Keratin treatment adds a keratin coating on the hair shaft giving it nutrients that leave frizzy hair silky and smooth.

At the hairdresser, a professional hairdresserapplies Brazilian keratin straightening to thehair, a 450-degree straightening ironis used to seal scalesand facilitate the penetrationof the smoothing treatmentinto the hair. scalp as well as lengths. This creates a barrier against moisture that reduces frizzand promotes suppleand shinyhair.

The advantage of this formaldehyde-free hair care is that it respects the structure of the hair and allows them to grow back gradually and that the treatment can be carried out several times without worrying about damaging the hair, besides this treatment is suitable for all hair types . For a better result , it is necessaryto straighten the hair withBrazilianstraightening products without formalin at least twice a year. Although this is not the cheapest treatment, it will last about six months, especially if you follow the treatment with shampoos without sls as well as hair care based on keratin.

How long after a keratin treatment can you color your hair?

According to the professional hairdressers in the salon, it is possible to do a Brazilian smoothing followed by a coloring but you will have to adhere to the rules.

A freshly repaired formal-free Brazilian straightening treatment leaves a thin layer of keratin on your hair that needs about 2 weeks to bind and penetrate deep into it.

It wraps your hair to strengthen each fiber up to the lengths.

Therefore, the first 2 weeks are a very critical period for you to take extra precautions as it defines the duration and duration of your keratin treatment.

At this point, anything that interferes with the configuration process can give you unpredictable results like:

  • Frizz.
  • Hair of uneven appearance

You need to let your hair relax for the first 2 weeks and let the keratin do its job.

That's why your hairdresser also recommends that you use a shampoo without laureth sulfate , or silicones after a keratin treatment.


  • It is suitable for each type of hair
  • It will not interfere with the keratin process
  • And it does not leave any build-up and residue in your hair

So everything you put in your hair for the first 2 weeks is important.

The same applies to pickling and wicks.

So what's the best solution?

Wait between 2 and 3 weeks or ask the hairdresser about your dye .

If this is your first attempt, I do not recommend doing a hair coloring at home. Make an appointment at one of your hair salons and first talk to your colorist to explore the options.

If not, give preference to semi permanent ammonia-free colouring kits that keep your keratin smoothing .

So how can you get the most out of both?

Instead, do your hair color before your keratin treatment.

Aside from the fact that you get longer hair care sessions in your hair salon, there are more benefits to coloring your hair beforehand.

Let me explain why:

When treating hair coloring, the chemicals used open the cuticle of the hair fiber to inject color into the cortex. It triggers an oxidation process that raises the pH of the hair to 10.

As a result, the hair becomes more alkaline, thereby degrading their structural integrity. Coloring makes hair brittle , weakened and sensitized .

Do keratin or botox smoothing immediately after color treatment:

  • Repairer against structural damage of hair
  • Normalizes the pH of your hair
  • Softens and closes cuticles
  • Eliminates all color chemical deposits (in step 1 - clarify)

In addition, a keratin treatment is a protective treatment that enhances your hair by giving it more shine , hydration and shine .

All you have to do next is use a sulfate free shampoo and after-shampoo to maintain your new hair colored and smoothed with keratin.

Tips to extend your keratin treatment:

To make your smoothing last and have beautiful hair, choose hair carebased on vegetable oils (castor oil or coconut)or moisturizing amino acids.

  • Opt for a sodium-free organic shampoo .
  • Use a nourishing hair mask with shea butter.
Which Color to use after Brazilian smoothing?
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