How to make a Brazilian smoothing man?

Jan 28, 2020

Brazilian smoothing is no longer suitable for single women. In fact, men's keratin hair treatment is already available in many hairdressing salons and beauty centers.

Men, especially those who love long hairstyles, also need to do Brazilian straightening to make their hair more supple, silky and disciplined. Keratin smoothing makes curly and unruly hair in men less frizz and frizz free.

Just as in women, hair in men can greatly affect their appearance. With easy to comb smooth hair, your appearance becomes healthy, you can surely attract the attention of all passing women.


Compared with other methods of hair treatment, keratin treatment is much safer and more effective. Other benefits of using keratin for hair treatment are as follows:


Keratin is a protein naturally produced by the human body. It is an essential element of skin cells, nails and hair. When you constantly use shampoos, cosmetics and hair products, keratin in your hair will be exhausted, which will lead to dry and damaged hair.

Many hair products today contain toxic chemicals based on Sodium laureth sulfate that can penetrate deep into the scalp as well as the hair fiber. With keratin smoothing, there is no risk of chemical exposure as this smoothing is formaldehyde-free.


One of the biggest benefits of this smoothing treatment is that you no longer have to worry about another treatment after a few weeks.

Brazilian formal-free smoothing has long-lasting effects that can last up to 4 months. Indeed, this restorative treatment penetrates the scales of brittle hair and corrects the hair in depth from the roots to the tips of the hair. You will certainly enjoy shiny and more attractive hair for long periods when choosing to undergo keratin hair treatment.

NO NEED To Iron Regularly

The Brazilian Keratin Smoothing makes your hair sublimate, you will no longer need to styling in the hair salon. You have beautiful hair.

Simply pass a comb or brush your hair regularly to stimulate the release of natural oils from the hair. It is not advisable to iron your hair regularly as the heat of the hair straightener can destroy hair cells.


Keratin smoothing treatment is suitable for each type of hair, it keeps the volume of the hair and protects the fiber from external aggressions.

Keratin hair care respects the nature of hair repair damaged hair and maintain their health. This will not affect the volume or shape of the hair in any way.


Keratin moisturizing treatment can be performed on all hair types, including curly and wavy hair or natural hair.


There are certain rules that you need to follow right after straightening the hair with keratin:

  • Do not wash hair for up to 72 hours. This is to ensure that the treatment is absorbed by the hair.
  • Do not apply styling products. Use specific treatments such as the organic shampoo without sls to remove impurities and the nourishing after shampoo recommended by your facial hairdresser after 3 days of treatment.
  • Use specialized no-rinse products to maintain your keratin treatment and add shine and shine to your hair.
  • Do not tie hair.

Keratin hair treatment is certainly beneficial. If you want to change your head, you can find many salons that offer excellent hair treatment for men at a good price. However, make sure you find the best salon to get the best value for your money.

How to make a Brazilian smoothing man?
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