All about Brazilian smoothing

Jan 23, 2020

Brazilian Keratin Smoothing has become famous for its transformative qualities that respect the nature of the hair , attenuate frizz and promote an intense shine of the hair fiber .

There are a few similar treatments that adopt the name, so before you engage, you need to make sure that the Brazilian smoothing product that your hair salon offers is original.

This smoothing treatment works on all hair types , even thin hair , especially in summer, when moisture affects everyone. This can change your appearance and your damaged and unruly hair will be much easier to manage, detangle and style .

What is Brazilian smoothing?

Brazilian Formol Free Smoothing contains a liquid keratin formula that adheres to your hair to create a protective layer around eachstrand , sealing thecuticle andscales and protecting the scalp fromexternal aggression .

This keratin treatment is native to Brazil and uses ingredients native to the country in addition to natural protein .

After receiving the treatment, your frizzy and brittle hair will be shiny and more resistant to styling .

Why is Brazilian smoothing different from other smoothing treatments?

Unlike a straightening or a straightening Korean that stiffens the hair by giving it a “ baguettes ” effect, Brazilian straightenings are characterized by a smooth and gentle formula that adapts to your hair type and allows the protein topenetrate into the heart of yourfiber .

After receiving a keratin treatment, you no longer need as many hairstylesor straighten the hairdaily. Just dry your soft hair in the open air or hair dryer , then tie them or do your usual blow-drying .

Will a keratin treatment make my hair completely straight?

If you want to have straight hair. Your professional dressing table will seal the treatment by passing a 450-degree flat iron on your strands , and the more your hair straighter is used, the straighter your hair lengths will be.

If you like to keep your hair curly, but you just want to tame your frizz and have smooth hair. Just make sure to tell your hairdresser, he can adapt the treatment to preserve the structure of the hairand make it smootherand silky.

Can I do Brazilian straightening if my hair is colored?

Make Brazilian straightening is possible oncolored hair . Just be sure to let your colorist know, as coloring after a treatment can make the color a little lighter.

What to do after a Brazilian smoothing without formaldehyde?

In the months following the treatment, adopt a hair care routine that adapts to your treatment:

  • The moisturizing shampoo to wash hair from impurities , choose shampoos and conditioning kits without sodium , laureth or sulfate . For maximum longevity, buy a specially developed shampoo to prolong the effect of keratin.
  • The restorative mask use a nourishing conditioner withoutsilicones or parabens once a week. This hair care allows you to have beautiful shiny and silky hair .
  • A thermoactive protective spray to care for your hair .
All about Brazilian smoothing
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