Which GHD straightener to choose?

Jun 14, 2019

A priori, investment in a professional straightener is an important choice. Indeed, you are looking for a high-performance hair styling device adapted to your hair type .

So GHD straighteners seem to you to be the best choice. However, the GHD brand offers differenttypes of straightenersdepending on thenature of your hair(curly, curly, thin, thick, colored).

In addition, you should choose between an adjustable temperature or a fixed temperature. By the way, the right temperature allows you to smooth hairwell without damaging it.

Effectively, a temperature of 80°C to 150°C corresponds to sensitive, thin anddamaged hair .


the other hand, a temperature of 190 °C to 230 °C is more suitable for wavy and curly hair .

Finally, a temperature of more than 230 °C corresponds to the Brazilian smoothing .

What is the best GHD straightener?

First of all, GHD offers 3 kinds of Styler GHD Gold Max,Styler Gold Miniand theGHD Gold Classic styler.

Thus, each product corresponds to a different type of hair and makes it possible to make many hairstyles. By the way, you can perform blow-drying , ripples or curls .

The GHD Gold Mini Styler: straightener for short hair

Suitable for short hair, the GHD Gold Mini styler brings shine to your hair by achieving a perfect styling of your hair .

Indeed, its ultra smooth plates allow you to style your bangs and make tight curls.

Also, it makes your hair shiny.

Smooth long hair with GHD Gold Max straightener styler

First, smoothing long hair requires professional hairdressing material . Thus, the GHD Gold Max styler has wide plates for perfect smoothing in one pass .

By the way, this model replaces a straightener and a curling iron .

GHD Gold Classic Straightener for all hair types

Suitable for all hair types, the GHD Gold Classic stylerallows the creation of a quick smoothing with medium — long hair. In addition, it helps you to perform curls and ripples .

By the way, the greatest property of this professional straightener is not to damage the hair . Indeed, its ceramic plates glide easily for optimal results.

In addition, its constant temperature facilitates the styling of fine and rebellious hair by preserving colored hair .

The differences of GHD Gold straighteners

In addition to the feature that each GHD straightener is specially adapted to a type of hair , this device allows for easier and faster smoothing.

On the other hand, the GHD Styler Classic straightener stands out for its handling and lightness. In addition, its smoothing plates measure less than those of the GHD Max straightener .

However, the different GHD straighteners can be used in a hairdresser or by a professional hairdresser at home.

So you can enjoy smooth blow-drying as a curly blow-drying , according to your desires. By the way, you can make it yourself thanks to the simplicity and ease of handling of the GHD styler.

In addition, GHD Gold straighteners make it possible to straighten afros and curly hair by multiplying passages.

Which GHD straightener to choose?
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