To communicate well with your hairdresser!

Jun 10, 2019

To change your look, you will be tempted to go to your professional hairdresser. But, you're afraid to get disappointed from your hair salon !

Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to communicate your requests to your hairdresser. Nevertheless, you can learn how to properly pass your requests to your hairdressingspecialist.

By the way, your face is willing to discuss with you about your haircut, hair products to use, etc.

Also, it brings you multiple tips depending on your hair type, when it comes to : hair coloring, strands, care for your hair...

In addition, you can take your hair care with you, in a bag in custom fabric for your salon, and ask for recommendations from your professional hairdresser.

Finally, the skills of your facial hairdresser allow him to guide you on the best cut , color and hair straightening with keratinsuits you. Thus, you are sure to get the desired result.

Decide before going to the hair salon and take a photo

Going to the hairdresser without having an accurate idea of the desired haircut or hairstyle is not a good idea. Effectively, wanting to change the haircut, on a whim or under the influence of the impulse, usually does not bring anything good.

Because, you have to take the time for reflection before you decide. Also, you can browse the internet to go around the beautiful hairstyles.

In addition, you can opt for a Brazilian smoothing or a hairstyle with beautiful curls . To illustrate your desires, it is recommended to provide a photo of the haircut, coloror hairstyle on your Smartphone.

This way, your hairdresser can easily grasp your requests and respond effectively.

Take into account the nature of your hair

Although your hairdresser can determine your hair type bytouch, you can explain your hair difficulties, the reaction of your hair fiberto a certain shampooor conditioner...

Also, you can explain to him if

  • Your scalp grease fast
  • Your hair curls quickly in contact with moisture
  • You need to straighten your hair daily

Ask to cut gradually and stop to the desired length

Cutting your lengths may not bring you the desired effect. By the way, it is important to warn your hairdresser that you stick to your length and prefer it to cut gradually.

So you can stop it when it comes to the desired length. By the way, you can be demanding since it's about your hair.

To communicate well with your hairdresser!
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