How to choose your diamond ring: criteria and style?

Jun 4, 2019

Want to buy a diamond ring , but don't know how to choose it? Generally, gold and diamond rings come in an infinite range of styles and models. By the way, you have not yet chosen your ring set with black diamonds , white diamonds or diamonds and other precious stones .

Choose your diamond ring according to the 4 C

First, diamonds are valued according to several criteria, which are the 4C. Indeed, the value of a diamond jewel depends on the quality of its stone. By the way, these criteria determine the brilliance, beauty and price of a diamond, as well as the price of your future diamond ring .

  • The carat: the weight of the diamond

  • Diamond cut: it determines the brilliance and brilliance of the diamond ring

  • Diamond color: white, black, brown

  • The purity of the stone: the diamond contains inclusions or not

Thus, choosing your diamond ring requires looking at it in daylight to determine the true color of the diamonds setting the jewel .

Besides, you will find special cold light lamps used in jewelry .

The style of your diamond ring

A priori, determining the type of diamond ring you want to have is the most difficult step. In fact, you will find, in each jewellery store, several styles of diamond rings .

So you can easily orient yourself to a trilogy diamond ring or a Diamand BaretteRing . However, these 2 styles of rings look very similar.

Indeed, the barrette diamond ring is a ring with a row of diamonds set barrette . On the other hand, a trilogy ring carries 3 diamonds of the same size set above. By the way, it concretizes time. Indeed, one diamond represents the past, another represents the present and the last represents the future.

In addition, the barrette diamond rings are paved with small diamonds that can be of different colors, such as black and white diamonds .

Finally, you need to choose the color of your precious metal, for examplepink gold,white goldoryellow gold. Nevertheless, you can still opt for a two-tone barrette diamond ring .

The certificate of your diamond ring

Typically, a gemological certificate guarantees the quality of the diamonds set your diamond ring . Moreover, this guarantee is established by a laboratory to summarize all the characteristics of your diamond. Indeed, this certificate can be considered as the diamond's identity card.

How to choose your diamond ring: criteria and style?
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