How to choose its Brazilian smoothing?

May 20, 2019

You decided to opt for Brazilian straightening to smooth your hair . But, you don't know which kit or brand choose!

Mini Kit Smoothing Inoar Marroquino

Among Brazilian smoothing brands, the Mini Kit Smoothing Inoar Marroquinois a must. Indeed, this Brazilian smoothing product offers an innovative formula that integrates white clay and cocoa oil with the keratin used.

By the way, this smoothing treatment allows you to wash your hair , right after application. Thus, this advantage earned him the first place among the Brazilian smoothing kits.

INOAR Brazilian Afro Keratin

Still the Inoar brandoffers the Brazilian Afro Keratinis particularly suitable for frizzy hairof the afrotype. Indeed, this type of hair makes it difficult to straighten.

Moreover, this Brazilian straightening kit demonstrates high efficiency from the first use. Indeed, this keratin treatment has been able to seduce thanks to an optimal result.

To choose its Brazilian smoothing

First of all, the choice of Brazilian smoothing should depend on the effectiveness of the product and its quality. Indeed, you need to avoid all the dangers to which your hair may be exposed. Thus, you need to take into account some selection criteria.

Composition of the Brazilian smoothing product

A priori, the composition of hair products is an essential choice criterion. Indeed, this must be carefully considered before purchasing a Brazilian smoothing treatment.

By the way, you should always give preference to care that does not contain harmful components, such as formaldehyde. Also, you need to pay attention to other reaction products: methanol, acetic acid, acetophenone, hexachlorocyclohexane.

Hence, you should always carefully read the details of the smoothing product indicated on its packaging.

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other hand, the effectiveness of keratin treatment can influence your choice. Thus, you will be able to choose your smoothing treatment according to other components such as essential oils, active fragrances...

The type of your hair influences your Brazilian straightening

Generally, most Brazilian straightening products are compatible with all hair types . However, some hair straightening products are designed for a hair category, such as colored hair or damaged and damaged hair. This specialization will allow you to further narrow your range of choices.

The use and price of the Brazilian smoothing kit

A priori, hair products dedicated for professional use are more effective. However, they require specific handling or special precautions.

Thus, you can opt for a smoothing for home use, if you plan to apply it alone at home. Thus, you limit any risk of mishandling.

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other hand, the price is a very important factor in choosing your Brazilian smoothing. By the way, the price of the product itself depends on several factors. Thus, your choice should take into account the capacity of the vials and the number of possible smoothings. Also, you need to compare prices on different interfaces to be able to save money when buying.

Finally, you must conduct your small survey before purchasing your Brazilian smoothing kit.

How to choose its Brazilian smoothing?
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