Classic hairstyles, cuts and colours revisited in 2019

Feb 1, 2019

For a stunning hairstyle, nothing beats the elegance of classic hairstyles with a touch of modernity or eccentricity.

Thus, we will make you a small list of classic hairstyles revisited.

From bun to ripples, to colorsand braids, you'll find something to give you ideas for your future hairstyle. By the way, you will want to cut your hair while keeping length. Likewise, you'll want to make a color to enhance your look.

So you can play on the style of hairdressing and accessories, to get the look you'd dreamed of for a long time.

The classic bun revisited for a unique look!

Who says a classic hairstyle, necessarily says the bun. However, the variations of the bun are endless.

By the way, the current bun is worn low on the neck or high. With unstructured volume, the bun is remade a novelty with the lengths on the sides.

Romantic and retro, the bun can be worn with different accessories and fasteners. For wedding hairstyle, bun styling with a natural effect remains the most wanted.

By the way the hair should have volume and shine. For this purpose, we recommend the Cadiveu Professional Hair Remedyline.

Long hair: naturalness and ripples make their return!

In 2019, we expect the great return of the XXL braids seen on the red carpet of some film festivals. Indeed, the duo version of braids with natural ripples is a very elegant variant.

With long hair, the trend tends towards straightened hairwith straightening ironor perfect blow-drying.

By adding an accessory or a head jewel, the trick will be played:

  • Colorful scarf
  • Leather headband
  • Big Crab Clip
  • Zigzag Headband

Short structured hair with rather long bangs!

The long fringe remakes its return for 2019. By the way to give volume to your short cut, prefer wavy spirit ripples. To have a perfect effect, the brand Sorali Cosmetic offers in its Amino Plex line a reconstructor treatment.

If you prefer smooth hair, you can have the hair backwith Tanino Therapy Salvatore .

Ultracourt has also redone its comeback on the catwalks and in fashionistas.

Long, medium short hair with bangs or ultra-short, you have a choice!

Colorful hair in 2019?

The big color trend of 2019 is the redhead that comes back to the front of the scene. Indeed, we have seen all the versions and shades of the red on the catwalks: mahogany, auburn, copper, Venetian...

The blond also has its chances: golden, amber, platinum, fleece, silver...

For brunettes, the color choices are endless: chocolate shade, ice brown, deep brown...

However, the colored strands are increasingly trendy and allow themselves all colors: blue, green, pink, red...

Moreover, we have noticed the presence of pastel in an infinite number of shades. Likewise, to take care of your colored hair, we recommend the Ionar Professionalbrand.

Classic hairstyles, cuts and colours revisited in 2019
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