What kind of straightening, for what type of hair?

Jan 20, 2019

What if you keep a perfect smoothing like the actresses of your favorite series?

Curly, curly or wavy hair to each its type of hair and its hair desires. We dream of having a smoothing that stays in place all day long and does not palpate in the face of moisture.

The temporary or permanent straightening solution for Afro hair is permanent or temporary straightening. Show straight and shiny hair like Meghan Markle with this method.

In 2019 on the parades, we note a hair trend for the afro type hair, to be assumed by the naturals. Lion mane with Beyonce, or curly hair with Alicia Keys, this fashion effect does not delight all heads.

But we have for each of you a solution to keep a perfect smoothing.

Ceramic iron smoothing

Known to all women, ceramic iron straightening consists of flattening hair between two hot ceramic plates consisting of disciplining and styling the hair. It is traditionally used in salon finishing and at home for styling. This type of straightening hardly adapts to curly and/or frizzy hair. New ceramic straightener using water vapor are more recommended for this type of hair. Water vapor will relax the hair fiber and help with smoothing; however this smoothing requires time and regular renewal approximately every 2 days depending on how often your hair is washed.

In addition, the iron straightening puts the hair under pressure with a minimum heat of 150 degrees. It is important to use a thermo-protective spray or treatment before each use of heat on your hair, in order to reduce hair breakage.

Traditional straightening: for Afro hair


straightening is a technique widely used on frizzy hair, yet strongly not recommended because it uses very aggressive products containing amoniac and soda. This type of straightening makes the hair very dry, they can be broken or “toasted”. Hair straightened should be treated accordingly. Therefore, mistreated should be avoided.

Brazilian straightening: straightening for all hair types

Brazilian straightening is a method of smoothing consist mainly in stiffening the hair by the goods made of keratin. This smoothing will allow to soften the hair and make it stiff like chopsticks. Thanks to the Brazilian smoothingfinished the galley every morning, keep a perfect blow-drying for 2 to 4 months. This keratin treatment penetrates the heart of the hair for a deep repair of the hair fiber, it will smooth the scales and give shine.

This treatment is to be carried out by a professional, it is a precise and expensive technique. Beware of the too tantalizing offers which are in reality straightening for the most part.

Japanese straightening: for ultra-straight hair

Japanese straightening is the ideal solution for people with curly hair, it banishes frizz from the hair and makes hair ultra straight. If you found the budget for a substantial Brazilian smoothing, don't let yourself be tempted by Japanese smoothing, for a budget of 350 to 800 euros. (Discover a site)

Luxter smoothing: a novelty to try?

Luxter smoothing is a new technique practiced in a hairdresser's salon, which consists of applying a product to have a hairstyle in place when waking up. The care enriched with vegetable collagen will soften the hair and smooth the material.

Do not let yourself be tempted by this new yet unknown treatment, which risks in terms of composition to bring you constraints (allergies, oily hair...).

If you want to call a professional, go to your hair salon in Montpellierthe Private Lab. Specialists will be at your disposal to answer all questions regarding the different smoothing.

What kind of straightening, for what type of hair?
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