The main hair trends in 2019

Jan 17, 2019

Whether hair or beard, hair trends have become a must in terms of fashion and style. Indeed, they are an integral part of a trendy look and continue to grow. Derivatives are also taking up more and more space in our daily lives to tame and shine our hair and hair. So what are the hair trends for this year 2019?

Brazilian Smoothing

In the search for silky, wavy and frizz free hair, there are a dizzying number of smoothing treatments. And the trend in vogue isBraziliansmoothing, which brings together more and more followers. Long left on the sidelines for its harmful effects on the hair fiber, it returns today to the forefront with keratin active ingredients that help nourish and protect your hair. The Brazilian straightening, performed only by hairdressing professionals, allows you to achieve a smooth hair thanks to the injection of keratin into the shell of your hair. The average duration of smoothing is six months.

The beard

If we look at the 2019 trends for men, the beard is THE trend that has the wind in its stern. Today there are many styles of beard that fit each one. Whether you have a round, oval or rectangular face, you will find your happiness among the different styles of beard (3-day beard, Balbo beard, goat, Van Dyke...). In order to guide you in the style of beard according to your face, thickness and type of hair, it is advisable to go to a professional. Indeed,this barber of Lyonor Marseille for example, can advise you and possibly indicate products and oils to use to make your beard shine or grow.

Gray hair

The trend of gray hair has developed in the beauty industry. Internet searches to dye hair gray exploded in 2018. It is important to go to the hairdresser so that a colorist in order to get a natural gray. On the other hand, this color is usually associated with a short cut, allowing to highlight the color, make a natural effect and not to age.

Straight hair

If you remember the early 1990s, you may remember the multitude of women who kissed straight hair. Now, whether we like this trend or not, it's back for 2019. Indeed, curls and ripples begin to lose ground in favor of smooth hair. So it's time to get out or out your straighteners

Accessories in the hair

From the barrette to the ribbons, hair accessories have stole the star from the hair in recent months. Today, there are more and more sophisticated versions that are only gaining popularity. This trend began during the summer months, a period of extreme heat, during which women had their hair tied. In order to be able to accessorize their hair, different models appeared with multiple shapes and styling, adapting to many looks.

Color at home

In the

past, making color at home was poorly perceived and colorists usually had to repair many colors that had gone wrong. Today, many major brands have embarked on home color kits, allowing you to make your colourings safely and make adjustments of your roots between appointments at your hairdresser.

The big volume

Lack of volume is one of the most common concerns among women and why today there are so many shampoo formulas to increase the volume of your hair on the market. Many women add extensions to create volume. This trend is inspired by the great actresses of the 1960s and 1970s.

Lilac hair

Goodbye the millennium rose. A new trend of pastel hair emerged, with a dizzying search increase for lilac color in 2018. Put on the front of the stage by Lady Gaga, this pastel colour can be applied in a sweep or on a few strands for a discreet effect.

The main hair trends in 2019
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