Everything you need to know about Brazilian smoothing

Jan 10, 2019

Today, hair fashion is Brazilian smoothing. A quick and effective way to get smooth hair without torturing it with a high-temperature straightening device. And with the advantage of staying smooth for a long time (about 6 months). Find out in this article everything you need to know about the trend of Brazilian smoothing.

Presentation of Brazilian smoothing

Wherever you put your eyes, when it comes to hairdressing, you will find this notion: Brazilian smoothing. The stars, including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston, are sure to present themselves in front of the paparazzi with perfectly smooth hair, without any flaws. You may be wondering how they make their hair so smooth naturally, when the day before they were wavy? It's probably thanks to a keratin treatment, called Brazilian smoothing.

The hair is composed of keratin fibers, the protein that protects the hair fiber from aggression and gives it its elasticity. In your childhood, while your hair does not yet know the burning appliances intended to straighten hair, the latter are still natural. But once you handle them with chemicals or a straightener, they become dependent, and worse, attacked. There are also many external factors such as pollution and humidity.

Brazilian straightening consists in bringing more keratin to the hair in order to care for it. If you have bristled or damaged, this keratin treatment will open the scales of each hair fiber to inject hydrolyzed keratin into it. The scales will then be closed with a straightener. Hair is nourished, repaired, sheathed, and shiny. They regain their strength and are smooth as they wish while remaining silky.

What kind of product should I use to do its Brazilian smoothing?

To achieve a successful Brazilian smoothing, you have to choose the right product. There is a whole range of them on the market and on the Internet. Major brands offer them, but here is the list of the most popular products on the web, and that professionals also use:

  • Honma Tokyo
  • G Hair — Inoar Professional
  • Perola Eternity Liss
  • Brasil Cacau
  • Cadiveu Professional
  • And many more.

Find the complete test of these products on the website bresilienlissage.fr

These products are sold as a kit, usually including a clarifying shampoo, protective mask and Brazilian keratin smoothing care. To guarantee the health of the hair, it is necessary to choose products without formalin, which is a very toxic preservative. It is also necessary to avoid paraffin, silicone, ammonia, which are very allergenic and even carcinogenic.

How to make a Brazilian smoothing?

Making a Brazilian smoothing is not complicated, but it has to be successful in order to have the expected result. To do this, here are the steps to follow, although you must follow the instructions for each product or kit you use.

You will need a Brazilian hair straightening product that is suitable for your hair, and contains no formalin or paraben. There is no special skill to have, you also need to have a straightener that you need to master well.

  1. Choosing the right product is important, so read the indications well before buying them.
  2. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, normally a good brand offers a complete kit for Brazilian straightening. Wash 3 times so that they are clean, without residual products used before and without grease.
  3. Dry your hair with a blow-drying, but only 80%.
  4. Divide them into 4 sections.
  5. Apply the Brazilian smoothing treatment to each strand, gently massaging from the root to the tips.
  6. Let stand about 20 minutes (varies depending on the product, read the package leaflet well).
  7. Comb your hair and let it dry. Use a brush and blow-drying to go faster.
  8. Smooth with a quality iron and adhere to the temperature indicated in the package leaflet. Pass the iron a dozen times so that the treatment evaporates effectively.
  9. Comb your hair, they are smooth and silky, shiny as needed.

How to maintain its Brazilian smoothing?

It is a background treatment on the hair and the result can last up to 6 months even if you wash your hair frequently. But be careful, follow these tips to maintain your Brazilian smoothing:

Everything you need to know about Brazilian smoothing
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