How to apply Brazilian straightening Hair Go Straight?

Aug 1, 2018

There are many “Brazilian smoothing kit” on the market, these are packs containing everything necessary to achieve a Brazilian keratin smoothing in good conditions. But not all of them are equal, and there is a smoothing kit that has been out of the box for some time. Brazilian straightening Hair Go Straight. How to use it?

What's Hair Go Straight?

Making a smoothing, permanent smoothing, is something quite complex in the world of hairdressing, especially when it is not performed by a professional . Hair Go Straight is a brand of Brazilian origin, which, with its experience, offers a whole range of products of very high quality, facilitating this operation of hair straightening, to finally get the straight hair you dream of.

The brand offers, in addition to its famous kits, a whole range of products, keratin care, clarifying shampoo, after shampoo... Whether you have curly hair, very curly hair, damaged hair, wavy hair, or even frizzy hair, Hair Go Straight will help you.

The keratin formula of Hair Go Straight is interesting because, in contrast to many products that, by force of use, will gradually damage the hair, it will really take care of them. Indeed, keratin will penetrate the hair, make it stronger, brighter, silkier, and this more and more as smoothing.

In short, the brand is increasingly used, increasingly popular by users, and therefore increasingly popular. Finally, it is a product that allows you to make a Brazilian smoothing at home, of the same quality as a professional.

Of course, like any kind of technical product, a certain protocol will have to be followed toachieve good results.

How to apply it

First of all, and before you start anything, be sure to work in a room that is quite airy, and wear gloves, possibly even a mask. Although these products are not harmful to hair, they are not designed to be applied to the skin or breathe. Simple precaution for your comfort.

Always before starting, you will need to equip yourself with the necessary material to be able to perform the smoothing in the best conditions. It will take you to tame your frizz, a container, a bowl will look great, a brush, hair styling, a hair dryer and a hair straightener.

Small parenthesis regarding the straightener, it must be adjustable, in fact, it will take a precise temperature to hope for good results. The corresponding one for Hair Go Straight products is 230°C. Also pay attention to entry-level irons, because although they can be adjustable, there is no guarantee that the temperature will remain uniform throughout the process. This constraint is important and if you are not sure about the temperature quality of your iron, get another one.

You are ready, so you can start the smoothing itself.

First phase

On your damp hair, previously washed with your usual shampoo, you will apply the clarifying shampoo. It is specifically designed to open the cuticles of the hair, and thus allow better penetration of keratin and other components of the smoothing.

Leave this shampoo on for 3 or 4 minutes, then rinse it and repeat exactly the same operation. In addition to preparing your hair afterwards, this clarifying shampoo will also allow you to get rid of all residues of other products, and remove any impurities that may be there.

When both shampoos are finished, dry your hair until it is only slightly damp. Do not dry them completely because otherwise the second phase will work less well.

Be careful, under no circumstances should you brush or comb your hair at that time, otherwise you will have to start all over again. If by adventure you unravel your hair, then you would close the cuticles, and make the rest ineffective.

Second phase

You will start by dividing your hair mass into 4 parts, so that you can work more methodically, and thus guarantee a better result. That's when you're gonna have to put on your gloves and open the window. Apply the smoothing product, strand by strand, starting from the back of the skull, that is, from the neck to the forehead. Try not to process strands more than 2 cm thick. It is better to multiply the number of strands to be treated, than to want to go fast and not get a good result.

Each of the strands will be treated individually, starting a few millimeters from the scalp, and up to the tip. When a strand is finished, it should be massaged so that the product penetrates deeply and evenly into the hair. Then pass a comb through the wick to remove the excess product. Each of the strands will have to rest about fifteen minutes for a good result (it may be necessary, if your hair is really very curly, to have to leave it longer).

Third phase

Once all the wicks have been treated as seen in step 2, drying will be required. There, no matter of moisture, completely dry your hair. Use at the same time as the hair dryer, a brush, and untangle the whole. Untangling, and not looking to already make a hairstyle, it will come afterwards.

Now it will have to fix the product in the hair, and this is done by heat. Set your straightening iron (at stable temperature, remember it) to 230°C. And start the smoothing operation, trying not to process strands of more than 5mm thick, always in order to guarantee a good result.

Be careful, when the whole operation is over, you will still have to take some precautions, so you will not have to wash your hair for 48 hours. Subsequently, use suitable products, preferably those of the brand for a more lasting result.

To conclude, straightening Hair Go Straight, if practiced following this procedure, is particularly effective and durable, and it will provide you with a quality result worthy of a professional.

How to apply Brazilian straightening Hair Go Straight?
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