How to make a Brazilian smoothing?

Jun 20, 2018

Brazilian straightening is a technique that makes hair straightlonger than more traditional techniques. This is a way of doing things native to Brazil, hence its name. This way of straightening the hair consists, using a straightening iron, of placing keratin and other products on the hair, in order to relax and thus make it smooth .

This hair treatment helps to smooth the hairby eliminating curls that some people may find unsightly. This technique is particularly popular because it allows to achieve very good results, lasting about three months.

Brazilian smoothing: how it works

Choice of products

The Brazilian smoothing market is very extensive, this technique is very popular, so many brands have launched a range to make a smoothing. So you will find, good, excellent and much less good.

So you will have to be careful in choosing your smoothing kit, there are many websites dealing with this topic, major brands are generally reliable because they can not afford to offer questionable products, but sometimes small houses offer also very good kits of Brazilian keratin smoothing.

In addition, it is quite obvious, that each person will look for a different result, fromthose who just want to stiffentheir curly hair, to those who seek to disciplinetheir Afro hair, a wide range of hair straighteners exists. So there will be almost as many ways to straighten hairas there are people. It is up to you to identify your needs and find the corresponding product.

Preparing the application of the product

First of all, almost all brands recommend that you wash your hair thoroughly . Often a sulfate free shampoo, or a clarifying shampoois available and recommended by each brand. The choice of shampoo of the same brand as that of the Brazilian straightening kitis not essential, which is, on the other hand, to do things as correctly as possible.

Indeed, this washing step will prepare the hair to receive the smoothing products by clearing it of traces of other substances that might be present in it. It is therefore important to do several washes with this shampoo before going further. The majority of brands recommend two to three washes.

It is better to wash the hair more times than to do too energetic shampoo, especially in the scalp. When you finish the two or three passes, you will end up with hair that looks much less soft than before, this is quite normal ! Do not untangle and proceed to the next step.

Brazilian smoothing

We come to the heart of the treatment, the application of smoothing products. Do not apply the product to dry hair or to soaked hair. It will therefore be necessary to dry until your hair is just damp.

Once this is done, for reasons of simplicity and organization, we can only recommend that you divide your hair mass into four or six sections. Thus, you will be able to act with method, you will know where you are, and the product will be more effective.

Now you can use a dedicated brush and start applying the keratintreatment . It will be necessary to start at the back of the head, at the level of the neck, and then go up to the level of the forehead. Proceed strand by strand, starting about 1 cm from the root of the hair, and going up to the tips. Once a strand is finished, it will be necessary to massage it between your fingers (consider wearing gloves) to promote penetration of the product.

You can then remove excess material with a comb and proceed to the next wick. It is important to understand that each step is important in order to achieve a successful smoothing. But the application is logically one of the most time-consuming ones. Do things methodically and applying as much as possible.

In general, the indications proposed by the brand will have to be observed, and one of these recommendations is particularly important, that of the time of application of the product. Too short a time, and your Brazilian straightening will be less successful, or will last less long, too long and you risk damaging your hair, or achieving a result that will not suit you.

Although depending on the kits, these times are different, the vast majority of them indicate a laying time of between 15 and 20 minutes .

Once you have reached this laying time, you will have to dry your hair. Careful! Brazilian smoothing products do not rinse (with some exceptions)! So you will have to dry your hair with the product still on it. Hence the importance of removing excess smoothing material during theapplication stage. The more product there is, the longer and tedious the drying will be. Comb or brush your hair during this drying step.

The straightening iron

When your hair is perfectly dry, you can proceed to straightening, using a straightening iron. This is also a particularly important step on which the final quality of your smoothing will also depend. It should be understood that performing Brazilian smoothing is a fairly long and tediousprocedure, even if it tends to simplify itself. It is not uncommon to see missed smoothing, while the entire beginning of the laying was successful. When the laying and drying period is over, weariness can lead to the smoothing period. That is, of course, a mistake.

Here too, each brand will have different recommendations in terms of smoothing temperature. It is therefore better to have an iron on which you can set this temperature. In addition, it should be noted that entry-level irons, although they may be sufficient for many uses, generally do not have enough stability at the temperature set. Outside this stability is one of the keys to the success of Brazilian smoothing, so remember to equip yourself with the right tool.

As in the preparatory stage, divide your hair into several sections, always in order to act with method.

The goal to be achieved is the total evaporation of the product. Follow the same pattern as when applying with a brush, starting with the neck area and gradually moving forward to the front of the head. Some products will require, after this smoothing, the application of a mask, others will not. It is up to you to follow the instructions of the product you have chosen.

The Brazilian after smoothing

That's it you got to the end of the smoothing, bravo, you did the hardest, especially when you know that a few years ago this type of care could only be done in a specialized institute, but it's not over! We will now have to proceed with the Brazilian after smoothing.

To achieve an optimal result that will last over time, some post-smoothing care should be used according to the specific instructions of each manufacturer. They all recommend a specific shampoo, which will guarantee the maintenance of smoothing. In addition, always according to the marks, there may be a certain protocol to follow after finishing the smoothing. Some products will require you to make a few concessions within days of Brazilian smoothing.

Sometimes you will not be able to wash your hair for two days after applying the smoothing product. Neither wear an elastic band or a hairband. These recommendations are here, of course to guarantee a perfect rendering, allowing the product to settle as best as possible on the hair, without any marks appearing, banning the use of hair accessories.

It takes a certain technicality to achieve a very good result, but this remains within the reach of everyone , if you agree on the one hand to follow the instructions of the kit you have purchased, and on the other hand to take your time and carry out the different steps with method and concentration.

If the first result does not live up to your expectations, remember that smoothing is not eternal and you will have to do it again within a few weeks/months. In this way, you will have the opportunity to improve yourself and become a real Brazilian smoothing pro. The price of a home-made kit is much lower than what is practiced in a salon, and the savings you make will allow you to have a few mistakes.

To conclude, we can say that there are currently a lot of high-performance smoothing product kits on the market. But that each of them, by its specifics, will impose on you a different technique. It is therefore particularly important to follow the indications of the brand, and to act according to the steps recommended by the brand.

How to make a Brazilian smoothing?
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