What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bresilian smoothing?

Jun 11, 2018

Have shiny and supple hair! Who does not dream of this? All women who have inherited an ethnic hair are ready to invest in particular hair treatments in order to achieve this kind of result. Yes, with the arrival of special hair care like Brazilian straightening, this dream can come true. If you want to have a sublime silky and very smooth hair, do not hesitate to jump the step. But what is really hiding behind this kind of smoothing treatment? Focus on the possible advantages and disadvantages of performing smoothing.

Brazilian straightening to have a disciplined and durable hair

Currently, many hairdressing salons offer Brazilian straightening treatment to tame voluminous, dry and wavy hair. This type of hair treatment has different miraculous effects on curly or naturally curly hair. If you want to treat your frizzy or semi-frizzy hair, you should turn to the practice of this straightening. Note that the effects of smoothing productscan last more than 4 months or even 6 months. The durability of this treatment is amazing, even with rain or moisture, your hair treated with smoothing care will remain smooth and silky. Dare to tame frizz by choosing an innovative and modern smoothing treatment!

An essential treatment to smooth, but also care, moisturize, nourish in depth

A hair straightening treatment is not only intended to soften voluminous and wavy hair. It can also provide restorative care for hair fibers. Because of certain external environmental influences such as pollution or the various chemical treatments used previously such as coloring, fading... the hair is easily damaged. With this in mind, smoothing products provide a perfect repair of damaged hair. The components of these products also nourish the hair fibers and moisturize them in depth.

A treatment not always ideal for colored hair

The only downside of the smoothing treatment is the fact that not all the products used are suitable for colored hair or hairy hair. The great concern after using smoothing products on hair with coloring is that your hair is likely to be even more damaged. In this regard, it is essential to choose your smoothing products correctly. Currently, we can discover a large inventory of powerful and high-performance smoothing products. On the internet, through online sales platforms like lissagebresilien-shop.fr, you can find a wide selection of high-quality products for smoothing ethnic hair. It is safe and certain that you will find the products suitable for your wavy and colored hair.

Quite dangerous products in case of a strong formalin composition

You should know that the perfect smoothing products are those that are essentially keratin-based and formal-free formulas. Products composed of more than 0.2% formalin should be avoided at all costs. For pregnant women or those breastfeeding their young, the use of smoothing care containing formaldehyde should be prohibited. It is best to use hair treatments 100% smoothing with keratin. Performing keratin smoothing results in the best possible rendering. You quickly gain soft, shiny and spectacular softness hair

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bresilian smoothing?
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