Rosehip oil: A benefit for your skin
Rosehip vegetable oil is a small wonder that has many virtues. Discover the point about its anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch marks properties.
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Which Color to use after Brazilian smoothing?
For best results, always do the coloring before Brazilian smoothing. After treatment, keratin coats your hair like a thin layer of film and dyes may not penetrate the hair as they should.
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How to make a Brazilian smoothing man?
Brazilian smoothing is no longer suitable for single women. In fact, men's keratin hair treatment is already available in many hairdressing salons and beauty centers.
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All about Brazilian smoothing
Brazilian Keratin Smoothing has become famous for its transformative qualities that respect the nature of the hair, attenuate frizz and promote an intense shine of the hair fiber.
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Hair smoothing at home
Looking to have beautiful, smooth, shiny hair, disciplined hair? In this article, we will explain how to smooth your hair at home without going to the hairdresser.
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A mobile app for hair salon!
To successfully develop your hair salon, using a mobile application is ideal. This gadget makes it possible to stand out from the competition and offer better accessibility to customers.
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6 questions and answers about Brazilian smoothing!
Discover the most important information you need to know about Brazilian straightening to achieve an optimal result: smooth, silky and shiny hair!
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Which GHD straightener to choose?
GHD offers straighteners stylers suitable for all hair types to straighten, create curls or perform waves.
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To communicate well with your hairdresser!
To ensure a suitable hairstyle, you need to learn how to communicate with your hairdresser: nature and type of hair, desired cut and length, color and styling...
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How to choose your diamond ring: criteria and style?
Before buying a diamond ring, it is essential to make the right choice. Discover the different factors and parameters to be taken into account before purchasing.
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Formol: a substance to fear in Brazilian smoothing
Formol: a substance to fear in Brazilian smoothing
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How to choose its Brazilian smoothing?
How to choose its Brazilian smoothing?
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How to remove Brazilian smoothing?
How to remove the effect of Brazilian smoothing?
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Good in your head — Good in your body
Good in your head, good in your body: Physical and psychological well-being
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Classic hairstyles, cuts and colours revisited in 2019
Discover the great return of some classic hairstyles revisited in 2019: bun, braids, smooth effect of long hair, long bangs for short hair, red coloring...
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Trendy cuts and hairstyles for men for 2019
Discover the different trendy haircuts for men in 2019: undercut, man ban, quiff, long wavy or medium long hair, shaved skull...
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What kind of straightening, for what type of hair?
What if you keep a perfect smoothing like the actresses of your favorite series? Curly, curly or wavy hair to each its type of hair and its hair desires. We dream of having a smoothing ...
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The main hair trends in 2019
Whether hair or beard, hair trends have become a must in terms of fashion and style. Indeed, they are an integral part of a trendy look and continue to grow. Derivatives are also taking u...
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Keratin: the key element of Brazilian straightening care for ultra-sublime hair!
Your mane makes you live a real hell every day! Are they hard to comb? Too bulky? Too dry and damaged? More dull? ... All these points characterize your really unruly and indomitable hair...
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Everything you need to know about Brazilian smoothing
Today, hair fashion is Brazilian smoothing. A quick and effective way to get smooth hair without torturing it with a high-temperature straightening device. And with the advantage of stayi...
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Making a smoothing before the holiday season, is it a good idea?
The answer is simple, it's a big yes! This is undoubtedly an excellent idea. To be the most sublime during the holidays, whether it's Christmas or New Year's Eve, smoothing is an essentia...
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Increasing its hairdressing services with Brazilian smoothing treatment: how to do it?
The world of hairdressing services is constantly evolving. If you are developing a hairdresser business in this universe, you have to be on the lookout for the latest trends.
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2 essential beauty criteria: zero defect tanning and soft mane!
At present, appearance is a key element to seduce well, especially for female people. Do you want to attract the eyes of men? Do you want to charm and charm quite easily during your outin...
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How to choose a straightener for its Brazilian smoothing?
Fancy a beautiful daily hairstyle with smooth, silky hair? Want to impress his entourage with metamorphosed hair?
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How to apply Brazilian straightening Hair Go Straight?
Learn how to apply Brazilian Hair Go Straight straightening very easily. Step by step method to implement a successful Brazilian smoothing!
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How to make a Brazilian smoothing?
Brazilian straightening is a technique that makes hair straight longer than more traditional techniques. This is a way of doing things native to Brazil, hence its name. This way of straig...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bresilian smoothing?
Have shiny and supple hair! Who does not dream of this? All women who have inherited an ethnic hair are ready to invest in particular hair treatments in order to achieve this kind of resu...
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