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Are you in the profession of professional hairdresser or hairdresser ? A priori, you know the importance of having good products to achieve a quality service. At present, smoothing bresilien-shop is one of the appropriate partners as suppliers of quality products and hair care.

In our product directory, every professional in the field can find his little happiness. Indeed, hair treatment products for Brazilian straightening count in large numbers. Moreover, INOAR professional branded products are available as a pack or kit. In a kit, it is possible to discover 2 to 3 of the best performing hair treatments. Also, a kit may include a cleansing or clarifying shampoo and a volume reducing product or smoothing treatment to soften rebellious hair fibers . On the other hand, these products, made without formalin and with naturalingredients, are highly effective and safe for hair.

Kits for all ethnic hair available in just a few clicks

Your clientele is mainly made up of people with ethnic hair ? Did you inherit naturally wavy hair ? A priori, you should know that it is possible to remedy ethnic hair. Indeed, you only need to have the right Brazilian smoothing treatments . By the way, professionals, and even private individuals, can find the necessary product kits on smoothing bresilien-shop.

A maximum of pack for a maximum of choice and happiness!

Having smooth and silky hair can make you happy! So do not hesitate to treat your most rebellious and curlyhair. By purchasing your smoothing products as a kit, you get a financial advantage. Indeed, it is possible to make some savings on your budget purchase of products and hair care by opting for a straightening pack . In addition, the kits available include a large selection of brands, including the brand INOAR professional, Cadiveu, Omnia professional, eternity liss, Hair Go Straight...

We have what you need

First of all, our online shop offers products adapted to all tastes and situations. Indeed, straightening her hair becomes easy! Afrohair, curly hair, damaged hair, frizzyor brittle hair, we have the necessary products.

Thanks to our experience, our expertise and our privileged relationships with our customers, you will always be able to benefit from personalized advice. By the way, you have some doubts about the choice of the right product for your beautiful hair? We offer you the Brazilian straightening kit that will be ideal for your straightening.

To offer a range of products to suit all situations is good! But you still need to have access to the right tools, in order to make a good quality smoothing. Indeed, each product to make a Brazilian smoothing can have its own specifics. For example, the recommended smoothing temperature that can tame your mane.

Also, you may need a straightener on which you can adjust the temperature . Moreover, we offer the largest professional brands in our shop. This allows you to have a stable temperature and adaptable to your needs.

The same applies to combs specific to Brazilian smoothing. Removing excess smoothing product, with the aim of accelerating evaporation, is an important step. In addition, the prices we offer will not make you regret your purchase of accessories.

Canon prizes for a showcase where the biggest brands share the poster, this is our credo. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you will find what you need, clarifying shampoo, sulfate free shampoo, after shampoo... Also, the whole thing is in prestigious brands, such as Capil 'liss System, Eternity Liss, Sunko Professional and many others. The same applies to our styling products, creams, sprays, serumsor oils...

You will find it for all types of hair and for each of your desires. Beginner, used to smoothing, or even whether it's your job, we do everything we can to ensure that you can always find what you need.

What makes the difference

What differentiates us from another mail-order marketplace? First, we have already answered this question in part. Secondly, our wide selection of brands, our prices and our professionalism are already some points on which we stand out. But our proximity to you is just as important.

Thus, our blog, accessible directly from the main site, will keep you informed of the latest developments in the world of smoothing. But, he will also answer some of your questions. Also, we offer you articles about different types of smoothing, your feedback and best practices.

Selling cheaper productsis a very good thing. But accompanying you is another.

You can have short hair, long hairor curly hair, maybe you want to stiffen it, or just keep a few curls? We are at your service to advise you the products to use, accessories, and techniques. You will enjoy the same degree of professionalism as at the hairdresser, and sometimes even beyond. Because, Brazilian smoothing is really our core business.

Would you like to use our live chat available at the bottom of the page, or do you want to contact us through social networks? There will always be someone to answer you. Also, we will provide you with the answers you need to help you make your choices, or on the contrary, to avoid making a mistake.

If the opinions of our customers are so positive, it is because satisfaction is indeed there. It is certainly this powerful mix of attractive prices, wide range and advice that has made our reputation. Being one of the greatest French specialists in Brazilian smoothingis not improvised.

Lissage brésilien

Smoothing and its renewal

There was a time when Brazilian straightening was somewhat criticized because it did not respect the hair fiber. This time is now over. In fact, in our shop you will find only the brands that offer the best.

The principle of Brazilian smoothing is now simple. By the way, it is enough to penetrate keratin into the scales of the hair, so that they adopt the shape you want.

On the

other hand, keratin has very many advantages. And those that should be especially emphasized, are, the fact that keratin is a natural active already present in your body. Also, the fact that keratin is a good thing for your hair, in the sense that it will feed them.

With Brazilian keratin straightening, your hair will not look like a helmet. Indeed, this way of domesticating the hair owes much of its reputation to the fact that the end result seems very natural . Another advantage particularly appreciated with the Brazilian smoothing, its outfit ! Well-performed smoothing can last up to 6 months.

During this time, you can say goodbye to the straightener and the tedious morning hair routine. Indeed, a maintenance based on the shampoos and care recommended by the brand of the kit you have chosen, and that's it.

In the end, if you are used to visiting the hairdresser fairly regularly, Brazilian straightening could even save you money, especially when we know our tariff range.

And if the purchase of our kits is carried out in a professional setting, then you will realize a substantial saving on the post of the raw material. This will increase your profit margin, or have the opportunity to offer less expensive services to your customers.

Brazilian straightening, as proposed today, carries strictly no risk to your hair. By the way, making a smoothing is a bit the same asapplying a care. Thus, whether your hair is damaged, tired, colored, or split, undertaking a Brazilian straightening will not aggravate the situation, quite the contrary.

Fine hair, ethnic, thick, wavy, Brazilian straightening is suitable for all hair. Indeed, your hair will be soft, shiny, nourishedand breathes health. Also, Brazilian smoothing can sometimes even be used to keep a perfect hairstyle throughout the day.

Among the disadvantages, of this type of smoothing, the one that comes most often is of course the duration of the act itself. Because, if the Brazilian smoothing can last 6 months, it will take to be ready to wait sometimes up to 3 hours to get to the end of the procedure. In the end, this is a very small sacrifice, compared to the benefits obtained. Another small drawback is that some kits recommend not to wash your hair for 48 hours after straightening, nor to wear barrettes, elastic bands, or other accessories.

Lissage Brésilien

Brazilian maintenance and smoothing

As you understand, Brazilian straightening is a natural way to straighten hair . Indeed, it consists in gorging the hair of this natural product called keratin. So, just as a waterlogged hose no longer makes a knot, a hair full of keratin will be straighter.

That being said, you need to know the few precautions that will make your smoothing last over time. Thus, avoiding too frequent shampoos is a good idea. Effectively, water and products contained in traditional shampoos have an unfortunate tendency to dry the hair. Thus, using specific shampoos is also indispensable to keep the effect over time.

So you should not think that once the smoothing is done you will be able to do anything. True, the result is durable and solid. But, applying these few simple recommendations will further prolong your smoothing.

Brazilian smoothing comes, as you guessed, from Brazil. Women of this country have long been in demand for a long-lasting straightening technique, and respectful of their hair. However, there are many other countries that offer straightening or smoothing techniques. Japan or Korea, for example, have also given their name to capillary techniques seeking the same purpose as Brazilian smoothing. We also sell products specific to Korean smoothing.

But all the benefits and benefits of Brazilian smoothing have made its popularity never denied. Since the latter became popular in our country, it remains the favorite of women with smoothing needs. If everyone wants it, it is certainly that there are very good reasons! The slight maintenance that this technique requires compared to others is certainly one of the arguments that make it past and present success.

You too enjoy smooth hair with a natural technique that lasts a long time. And get the best products for hair straightening on our site specialized in Brazilian straightening, Japanese straighteningand Korean straightening!

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