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Your clientele is mostly composed of women with ethnic hair? You inherited naturally wavy hair? Know that it is possible to remedy ethnic hair, you just have good Brazilian smoothing treatments. All the professionals and even the private individuals can find the kits of products which they need in the catalog of lissagebresilien-shop. A max of pack for a max of choice and happiness! Having smooth, silky hair can make you happy! So, do not hesitate to treat your hair the most rebellious and curly.

By purchasing your kit smoothing products, you benefit from a financial advantage. It is possible to make some savings on its budget purchase of hair care products by opting for the purchase of a smoothing pack. In addition, the kits available on smoothing-shop include a wide range of brands including INOAR professional brand, Cadiveu, Omnia professional, eternity liss, Hair Go Straight ...

Des kits destinés à tous les cheveux ethniques disponibles en quelques clics

Votre clientèle est surtout composée de femmes à la chevelure ethnique ? Vous avez hérité de cheveux naturellement ondulés ? Sachez qu’il est possible de remédier à des cheveux ethniques, il faut juste disposer des bons traitements de lissage brésilien. Tous les professionnels et même les simples particuliers peuvent trouver les kits de produits dont ils ont besoin dans le catalogue de lissagebresilien-shop. Un max de pack pour un max de choix et de bonheur ! Avoir les cheveux lisses et soyeux peut rendre heureuse ! Alors, n’hésitez surtout pas à traiter vos cheveux les plus rebelles et frisés.

En achetant vos produits de lissage en kit, vous bénéficiez d’un avantage financier. Il est possible de réaliser quelques économies sur son budget achat de produits de soin capillaire en optant pour l’achat d’un pack de lissage. En plus, les kits disponibles sur lissagebresilien-shop comprennent un grand choix de marque dont la marque INOAR professional, Cadiveu, Omnia professional, eternity liss, Hair Go Straight…

We have what you need

By discovering our online store you will quickly realize that smoothesilien-shop offers products to suit all tastes and all situations. Smoothing her hair becomes easy! Afro hair, curly hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair, brittle, we have the necessary products for all situations.

With our experience, our expertise, and our special relationship with our customers, you can always benefit from personalized advice if there are still doubts about the choice of the right product for your hair, and we will offer the Brazilian smoothing kit. which will be ideal for your straightening.

Offering a range of products to suit all situations is good, but you still need to access the right tools, to make a good quality smoothing. Indeed, each product to make a smoothing Brazilian can have specificities, such, for example, as the recommended smoothing temperature to tame your mane. So you may need a straightener on which you can adjust this temperature. We propose some. The biggest professional brands are in our shop, with a stable temperature and adaptable to your needs.

It is also the same for combs specific to Brazilian smoothing, removing excess product smoothing, in order to accelerate evaporation, is an important step. The prices we offer will not make you regret your purchases of accessories.

Gun prices, for a showcase where the biggest brands share the poster, that's our creed. Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will find what you need, clarifying shampoo, shampoo without sulfate, after shampoo, all in such prestigious brands Capil 'liss System, Eternity Liss, Sunko Professional and well other.

And it's the same thing with our styling products, creams, sprays, serums or oils, there are some for all types of hair and for each of your desires. Whether you are a beginner in the field, accustomed to smoothing, or even that this is your job, we do everything possible so that you can always find what you need.

Ce qui fait la différence

Qu’est-ce qui nous différencie d’un autre site de vente par correspondance ? Nous avons déjà en partie répondu à cette question, notre large choix de marques, nos prix, notre professionnalisme sont déjà quelques points sur lesquels nous nous détachons, mais notre proximité avec vous est aussi quelque chose d’important.

Ainsi, notre blog, accessible directement depuis le site principal, vous tiendra informé de l’actualité du monde du lissage, mais répondra également à quelques-unes de vos questions. Nous vous y proposons des articles relatifs aux différents types de lissage, à vos retours d’expérience, et aux bonnes pratiques.

Vendre des produits moins chers c’est une très bonne chose, mais vous accompagner en est une autre. Vous pouvez avoir des cheveux courts, des cheveux longs, des cheveux bouclés, vous voulez peut-être les raidir, ou bien juste conserver quelques boucles, nous sommes là pour vous conseiller sur les produits à utiliser, les accessoires, et les techniques. Vous bénéficierez du même degré de professionnalisme que chez le coiffeur, et même parfois au-delà car le lissage brésilien est vraiment notre cœur de métier.

Que vous souhaitiez utiliser notre chat en direct disponible directement en bas de page, ou bien nous contacter par le biais des réseaux sociaux, il y aura toujours quelqu’un pour vous répondre et vous fournir les réponses dont vous avez besoin pour vous conforter dans vos choix, ou au contraire, vous éviter de commettre une erreur.

Si les avis de notre clientèle sont si positifs, c’est que la satisfaction est belle et bien là, et c’est très certainement ce puissant mélange de prix attractifs, de large gamme et de conseils qui a fait notre renommée. Etre l’un des plus grands spécialistes français du lissage brésilien, ça ne s’improvise pas.

Kit Lissage

Smoothing and its renewal

There was a time when the Brazilian smoothing was a little maligned because it did not respect the hair fiber. This time is now over, and you will find at home only the brands that offer the best.

The principle of Brazilian smoothing is now simple, it is enough to penetrate keratin in the scales of the hair, so that they adopt the shape that you wish. Keratin has many benefits, and those that should be particularly highlighted, are the fact that keratin is a natural product already present in your body, and the fact that keratin is a good thing for your hair in the sense that she is going to feed them.

With the Brazilian smoothing with keratin, your hair will not look like a helmet, this way of domesticating the hair owes much of its fame to the fact that the final result seems very natural. Another advantage particularly appreciated with the Brazilian smoothing, his outfit! Smoothing done well can last up to six months.

During this time, you will be able to say goodbye to the straightener and the tedious morning hair preparation. A maintenance based shampoos and care recommended by the mark of the kit you have chosen, and that's it. In the end, if you usually go to the hairdresser regularly, a Brazilian smoothing could even save you money, especially when we know our price range.

And if the purchase of our kits is done in a professional setting, then you will realize a substantial saving on the item of the raw material, and thus increase your profit margin, or will have the opportunity to offer less expensive services to your customers.

The Brazilian smoothing, as it is proposed today, involves absolutely no risk for your hair, to achieve a smoothing, it is a little the same thing as to apply a care. So, that your hair is damaged, tired, colored, forked etc ... to undertake a smoothing Brazilian will not aggravate the situation, quite the contrary.

Hair thin, ethnic, thick, wavy, the Brazilian smoothing is adaptable to all the hair. Your hair will be soft, shiny, nourished and breathe health. Brazilian smoothing can sometimes even be used to maintain a perfect hairstyle throughout the day.

Among the disadvantages of this type of smoothing, the one that comes up most often is of course the duration of the act itself. Because if the Brazilian smoothing can take 6 months, it will be necessary to be ready to wait sometimes up to 3 hours to arrive at the end of the procedure. But this is ultimately a small sacrifice when compared to the benefits obtained. Another very small inconvenience, some kits advocate not to wash the hair during the 48 hours after the smoothing, or to wear bars, elastics, or other accessories.

Lissage Brésilien

Brazilian maintenance and smoothing

As you can see, Brazilian smoothing is a natural way to smooth hair. It consists in gorging the hair of this natural product that is called keratin. Thus, just as a waterlogged hose is no longer a knot, a hair full of keratin will be straighter.

That said, you have to know the few precautions that will make your smoothing over time. Thus, avoiding too frequent shampoos is a good idea, as the water and products contained in traditional shampoos have an unfortunate tendency to dry the hair. Using specific shampoos, such as the ones we offer, is also essential to keep the effect in time.

So do not think that once the smoothing will be done you can do anything. While the result is durable and solid, applying these few simple recommendations will further extend your smoothness.

The Brazilian smoothing comes, you guessed it, from Brazil, the women of this country have long been in demand for a technique of long-lasting smoothing and respectful of their hair. There are, however, many other countries that offer hair straightening or straightening techniques. Japan or Korea, for example, have also given their name to hair techniques seeking the same goal as Brazilian smoothing. We also sell products specific to Korean smoothing.

But all the benefits and benefits of the Brazilian smoothing have made its popularity ever since it became popular in our country. He remains the darling of women with needs of smoothing. If everyone votes it, it's most likely that there are very good reasons! The slight maintenance that this technique requires compared to others is certainly one of the arguments that make it successful past and present.

You also enjoy smooth hair with a natural technique that lasts a long time, by providing you the best products for the smoothing of the hair on a site specialized in the Brazilian smoothing, the Japanese smoothing and the smoothing Korean!

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